I love coffee, so the opportunity to put two 'loves' together was a dream. Rory is not only a superb barista but a 'Coffee Scientist.' What he can conjure with this beans and filtered water is nothing short of spectacular. Before meeting Rory, I wouldn't even entertain the thought of drinking coffee. Up until then, all I knew it to be was the dry roasted and granulated kind. 
Not nice. 
At all. 
But, he converted me; turned me to become the avid coffee drinker I now am and an addict who has to have that pot cup of black gold daily.
I have been a customer and have had the pleasure of calling him friend for many years. His launch anniversary is the same day as my eldest son's birthday, which is a wonderful added connection we share and he is the benchmark to which I compare all the coffee I drink.
This shoot was centred around him choosing a shot that would then be used in a national publication, celebrating the numerous coffee houses around the country, of which he was one. And rightly so.
Another shoot looms and I cannot wait.
'Iain takes his craft seriously, just like me with coffee. He is a perfectionist.
Not only did he capture my true passion in a single moment, he was able to capture moments that were to my personality.
I look forward to the next shoot.'
Rory Archer, Owner & Founder

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