It was pure pleasure shooting Nigel and the weather was perfect for my preference in natural light photography. The brief was exactly what I have come to enjoy capturing, shooting someone doing what they love doing and documenting their creative process for others to get a glimpse into the magic that is made. Nigel is incredibly talented. Not only did he design and build his studio but has also been a successful guitar maker, is a recorded singer songwriter having produced several albums with his band, Trent and has a background in making violins. The list goes on too. Making Windsor Chairs has become his passion and is one he is making a business from. His style and panache exists in every stroke of his tools and his fingerprint ingrained in the wood he crafts that brings life to the elegant pieces of furniture he lovingly creates. Shooting whilst conversing was a breeze and the day passed from day to near nighttime so quickly. 
There is more in store with Nigel and his Windsor Chairs as we discussed a project that involved how people interact with them in different spots around our hometown of Nottingham; to help tell his and their story and intent. I can't wait for that.
'Meeting someone who is passionate about their craft is always a pleasure and Iain is a true craftsman.
The day went beyond my expectations and Iain's work just blew me away. Very happy to say that I have his work on my website, it's lifted it to a whole new level.
Thank you.'
Nigel Briggs, Windsor Chairmaker
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