I am also fortunate, within my own creativity, to be able to channel it through the medium of music. I have been singing alongside Tashaka for over ten years now. And it's been a sheer pleasure. In the various remixes that our backing band has been, we have stood side by side singing, harmonising, and oftentimes, giggling our way through gigs. Being able to take my camera onto stage with me, gives a unique look into what happens on stage; seen through the exclusive eye of a participant of the band, as opposed to someone exclusive of it. You see what I see, within my 360 degree stage presence. I can manoeuvre without distracting and anticipate the vibe and gesture of each band member, being able to capture them as candid and as poised as possible. Our relationship really does help to craft the shots I can and do as well as capture the true nature of play and song. 
The following shots are a small flavour from various events, but for me catch the essence, the mood and energy that is Miles Harlem.
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