We have a fascination with looking up, to the extent humanity is obsessed with it. Vocations and scientific theory are formed from the simple act of directing ones gaze to the skies. Searching, scrutinising, believing.
But, what if there is something predetermined in us, inherent in our DNA to look up and be expectant? Our skies are beautiful and vast, and play out our days like theatres performing plot and scene after act after act after act. Hope is the strongest desire we have when we look up. They soothe and give comfort when pain or loss is remembered, engender peace and calm in solitary moments and provide connection when a presence is lacking. Yet, the blue yonder is more. Like a thin veil, it separates our celestial home from the heavenly realms encouraging us to believe that work is going on beyond us that necessitates expectation. To expect signs that only the sky can give.
We look up because there is promise of a better country, of perfection and reunion and the grandiose of the sky is a daily reminder that this will come to pass.
When looking up, be encouraged to expect. Take hope. Aspire for all that is better for better is coming. Our skies forecast more than the weather and the stars read more than tabloid horoscopes.
Look up and see glory and help; colour, and a promise unfolding that new things are being prepared and restored as we live and breathe right here, right now.
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