Friday March 27th 2020

I'm writing this on Saturday morning of March 28th 2020 and is it Saturday? 
Days spent isolating, social distancing and all that our present situation demands, makes all the days feel the same don't you agree?
Not that I am complaining because I am not. Times like these call for serious effort, consideration and attention to detail in order to pass through each day. #stayhomesaveslives reminds me constantly that what I am doing, along with my family is the right thing. PM Boris Johnson has enlisted ALL to fight in this war and support our wonderful NHS, even if for some of us it means staying put.
Why do people find that single activity so hard to do? It's beyond me that those who, during the former way of living, would crave time at home and to not go to work, but now they have it and have Governments pleading for them to do it, they don't OR find it hard.
Friday was another day in the garden, making Badger homes and new friends with worms, which then concluded in busting a few moves whilst leaping from garden items. My boys were our community's answer to freerunner, Sébastien Foucan​​​​​​​ and loved it until Solomon landed and sprained his wrist. It happens to the best, I guess.
Our evening was taken up with failed attempts at watching Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark to then searching for the International Space Station that is currently orbiting our part of the night sky. Technology ready, Isaiah followed its path and then it was to the top floor to watch it soar through the heavens, above our heads. 
Nothing short of magical.
It was one of those stand out moments in life and what a time to have one of those. Awe and wonder are ingredients to living that are so required right now.
A special family moment and we caught it.
We loved it.
Next, Heaven.

P.S As of this morning (Saturday) we got to watch Indy and Isaiah really enjoyed it. Played to his adventurous nature. Solomon, on the other hand wanted to watch Dora and the Lost City of Gold instead. Crazy by my understanding, seeing as the former paved the way for the latter.
Different strokes for different folks.
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