Thursday March 26th 2020

Today, we went out and explored and ran in and laughed in and ran some more in and fell over in and went back home from space.
My wife works at our local University and took us to a part of it that was dead. It was as if it was in self isolation itself.
After messaging her friends to photograph how open and empty it was, the general consensus of 'WOW's said enough to me at how much of a privilege this was.
And the boys loved it. 
We saw 5 other bodies during our time here; one being a very friendly and wavy Policeman. 
It did a lot for the boys, not only for their energy levels and exposure to good ol' Vitamin D, but their mental wellbeing too. It was great to stand back and listen to the shrieks of laughter cascade and echo all around.
Freedom in a time of hiding.
And it was as vast as the landscape we played in.
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