Tuesday March 24th & Wednesday March 25th 2020

The garden occupied the majority of our time during these two days. Whether that be tidying it up after 3 wrecking balls trashed it, or beginning to plant seeds for the summer. Sally is an avid Monty Don fan and is a dab hand at gardening so the boys were with the very best, second only to Monty.
Homeschooling is continuing to go well and Isaiah began his campaign and with amazing success. He doesn't start school until September (all being well with schools going back then) but is tackling Year 1 Maths work with great confidence and enthusiasm.
We are a proud Mummy and Daddy. 
Thankfully, being a Primary Teacher, I have a few resources I can tap into to keep young minds ticking over. Solomon was building on his fractions understanding from his time in Year 2 and it was good to see how much he knew and how competent he was in understanding new concepts.
Like I said, I'm one proud Daddy.
Silas is just the joker of the pack and helps keep our spirits ceiling high. His smile lights you up and one can't help but feel warmed by it. I said when he was born that he completes us and he sure does.
Around us is quiet. Cars pass our house to visit local food stores and we are privy to when they are restocked because our road is the main route to them. Police officers now ensure a one in one out policy at Sainsburys, which is welcomed, to ensure social distancing is kept and being that presence that deters hoard purchasing. This should be the case at more stores because distancing isn't always adhered to. I am thankful that life is stiller here. 
We are grateful for the warm weather as it means we can enjoy our garden and a spot of cricket AND dinosaur vs elephant battles. As well as that, we get to have time to take in the smaller things in life that we need to be grateful for. Even those things as small as ladybugs. The things we often take for granted. Home isolation does this and if and when we return to our developing idea of normality, I hope that these smaller blessings are included in it. More than ever before.
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