In the beginning when the earth was formed, God did so and saw that they were good. 
In the creation story, it even goes as far as to say that He made ‘trees that were pleasing to the eye’ found in Genesis 2:9. Here, we get a glimpse into the importance God put on how good and aesthetically pleasing He intended the world to be.
What is pleasing to the eye maybe be a subjective perception, but what we have around us, about us and in us is more, in that the earth is objective evidence of all that is pleasing and great and lovely and true and beautiful. These are the very hints of the heaven we must savour because God made these things. These things should also be sought out, enjoyed and thought about. Heaven should always be on our minds because our eyes bare witness to it. Daily. It’s hard to not be dazzled by its scent and captivated by its whispers.
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