There is nothing more valuable, priceless yet buckshee than connection.
Under its banner is love, is relationship, is acceptance, is knowing, is understanding, is happiness, is freedom. Connection comes when eyes first meet, when vows are exchanged, at the arrival of a newborn, when smiles are shared, when loved ones meet and are held, when affirmation is spoken, when wisdom is digested, when promises are made and kept, when ills are forgiven. It is binding, electric, heart felt, heart bursting, comforting and securing.​​​​​​​
Is there an end to its power to encourage the very best and give the very best of us?
And how much more will this energy between people be felt when multiplied infinitely when eternity comes?
When we truly connect and experience the charge from unifying with others, then that is a hint of heaven that will be ever present, ever pleasing and ever positive when heaven and earth permanently bond. It won’t be fleeting nor susceptible to corruption via false intentions and vices, but true and good and satisfying and endless.
Connection on this scale will be perfect and the more we amount to bind in connection with one another, in thought, word and deed, the more we will taste and see what is good and what is destined for us in the Kingdom community. The authentic, unerring happy place awaiting us.
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