We have a new allotment.
It is situated in one plot out of an impressive array that stretches just beyond our back garden. In fact, from the two big boys room we see them. It's a sight to behold. Especially in the Summer. We even have a 'Secret Garden' door that opens up onto this vast space that only a small selection are lucky enough to enter. To have this privilege is indeed a special one and this comes from one who wouldn't describe himself in the slightest bit as 'green fingers'. It's a good job my wife's green hued digits makes up for the lack in mine. But, I do understand the wonderful responsibility it offers. Thinking about it from my being a follower of Jesus Christ, alone, helps me to see the opening we have to conserve and steward the earth and it is a charge worth waking up to. My wife and our 3 young boys have this unique prospect to learn about growing and caring and nurturing the ground and becoming creation custodians. 
Today, I saw it for the first time and I had just taken with me my camera setup to see what would appear. In a word, 'colour' appeared and it was fun bringing this more to life when editing. And it was in this editing process that I also understood how important a job it is to photograph these moments and the sorts of role, we as a family have now undertaken. to then be able to share the very activity we should all be involving ourselves in. More. Man, does our planet need caring for and every seed, grain, blade and breath that it homes.
Without a doubt, this the first of many of these entries. And in particular, this selection is dubbed as Silas's first impressions. 
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