What will Heaven be like?
"You will understand that in order to get a picture of Heaven—which will one day be centered on the New Earth—you don’t need to look up at the clouds; you simply need to look around you and imagine what all this would be like without sin and death and suffering and corruption."
Randy Alcorn
Heaven is closer than we think.
It can be every home, every street and alley, in every town and city; district, neighbourhood and continent. In everything that draws breath. Heaven exists in and around all things. The only difference to knowing what is Heaven-like and what is not, is how we choose to see them on earth.
Putting all preconceived ideas aside, one must attempt to imagine what life and creation would look like if it was its best version or in its perfect state. As difficult as this may be, this notion isn’t alien to us because from time to time we wish and want for better surroundings, conditions and accoutrements. We hope for them to be more than they are and these are the inklings of what Heaven could be like.
This project desires to explore what ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’ looks like and to document moments when we feel Heaven and earth align to give a glimpse into what, eventually, could be eternal.
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