Since 2016, 53mm has been a community celebrating the superior versatility and character of Fujifilm's XF35mm lenses. 
It has seen so many superb uses of Fujifilm's answer to the 50mm FOV in its time and within this new iteration of its presence on the worldwide web, my hope is that much more will be applauded and promoted. Its personality still harbors that same celebratory and inspirational core but with an added impulse to share what  Fujifilm enthusiasts see through their 53mm eyes. There is a reason this way of doing photography is the most popular photographic outlook, yet you can't beat seeing it through Fujifilm XF/XC35mm glass. They are expertly crafted to be creatively wielded by us and that enthusiastic employment subsequently breathed life and purpose into the soul reason for 53mm's existence, best understood through its mantra 
- Inspiration is the Intention.

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